45 Genius Woodworking Gift Ideas (Large & Small Projects)

A woman uses a ruler to measure a block of wood before cutting.

Woodworking is a fun and mentally stimulating hobby for beginners and professionals. People love woodworking gifts, whether DIY furniture, wall art, or décor items.

If you love creating wooden things from scratch or refurbishing worn-out things, below are woodworking gift ideas for small and large projects.

1. Wine Rack

Do your loved ones like a glass of wine in the evening? If yes, then they will appreciate a wine rack to hold all their wine bottles.

Collect scrap wood, wood glue, and perhaps some pallets to start this project. You can add more decorative touches to personalize the gift.

2. Wall Shelf

Need an idea that is both functional and decorative? Consider using modern or vintage wall shelf designs depending on your space requirements and aesthetic!

You will need pine boards, nails, circular saw or miter box, tape measure, table saw, and a nail gun.

3. Shoe Storage Bench

You can’t go wrong with a DIY shoe storage bench to organize piles of scattered shoes.

Choose between an entryway shoe storage bench or adjustable storage. You can also make a bench with drawers for additional storage if you like.

4. Phone-Charging Station

A phone charging station is one of the best woodworking gift ideas. You can easily make a station that can hold and charge phones when not in use.

You can experiment with unique ideas, such as personalizing the gift by adding an engraved name plate.

5. Porch Swing

Upgrade the outside of your loved one’s home by building them a porch swing. It will be a place for the family to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

Building a porch swing is one of the simplest woodworking gift ideas that anyone can try, but be sure to properly attach the chains or ropes for safety.

6. Entryway Table

Among the best woodworking gift ideas are entry tables. They serve various functions, and they can be made in multiple designs and styles.

You can even use wooden pallets to create a simple and charming entryway table with shelves. Add drawers on the raised wooden table to increase the storage space.

7. Free-Standing Coat Tree

Make a personalized free-standing coat tree to clear the clutter from the entryway of the people you care about. It’s a perfect small project for a beginner.

You will need a wood post, coat hooks, screws, shelf brackets for feet, and paint or stain.

8. Quilt Rack

A quilt rack is an excellent, functional addition to a room that your loved ones can enjoy as both a decorative item for their home and a place to hang blankets.

It’s simple enough to provide you with just a few hours of moderate yet enjoyable work.

9. Kitchen Stools

Dress up the kitchen with stylish kitchen stools. You do not need a lot of materials for this project.

Typically, stools are made of thin legs, and you will need wood glue, wood, 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws, a table saw, a miter saw, a sander, a drill, a tape measure, a Kreg jig, and a pivoting bit.

10. Spice Rack

Keep the spices organized by making a spice rack. Custom design it to hold just a few spice jars or many jars, depending on the recipient’s needs.

11. Coat and Hat Combo Rack for Wall

A wooden coat and hat combo rack for the wall provides more room for storage and organization.

You will need wood to use as the base of the rack plus hooks, a tape measure, a level, a pencil, screws, and a drill to bring the project to completion.

12. Garden Potting Table

Garden potting tables are easy to make. You can repurpose old furniture to create a suitable potting table. You can also make small solid tables using leftover wood from other projects. 

13. Keepsake Box

A keepsake box can help your loved ones store mementos, memories, or other small things and items of value.

For this project, you will need leftover wood from any other woodworking projects, a drill press, hammer, table saw, vise, and handsaw.

You can make the box from oak, cherry, walnut, or maple wood.

14. Coffee Table

If you have more experience, you can try making a coffee table. It can be one of the easiest woodworking gift ideas to implement, depending on how complex you choose to make it.

You can choose an intricate or complex design or keep it simple. Or maybe go for a pallet coffee table, which can be great for the patio or garden.

15. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a rotating shelf placed in the middle of a table or countertop. It spins freely to allow people to get what they need easily.

To make a lazy Susan, you will need tools such as a pencil, tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, electric sander or sandpaper, and a circle-cutting jig or compass.

16. Bookends

Are you looking for unique woodworking gift ideas for the reader in your family? Give the gift of knowledge with this basic wooden bookend.

Using straight cuts, simple tools, and just a few steps, you can assemble it in no time at all.

Make sure to add L-brackets, so they fit precisely to allow the books to be held firmly in place until you need them!

17. End-of-Bed Table

Your loved ones will cherish a stylish end table for holding various items such as lamps, books, and mementos.

If you have extensive woodworking experience, you can run with classic designs such as the Rennie Mackintosh end table.

18. Candle Platform

You can make candle holders very quickly from leftover wood. If you use birch logs, you can drill into the wood and carve out little holes for candlesticks to sit in.

Then, paint the finished wood gold for a great look.

19. Magazine Rack

Help your loved ones organize newspapers and magazines by giving them a rack to store their favorites. Magazine racks have various styles, and you can try a few designs.

20. Umbrella Stand

Make an easy umbrella stand from a variety of available designs. You only need wood, corner braces, and a few other items. You can also use pallets to make a rustic umbrella stand.

21. Birdhouse

Making birdhouses can be fun to keep yourself busy in your free time.

To make one of these, you will need an adequate amount of wood and nails and a saw or other mechanism for cutting the wood into the proper shape.

Leave it natural or paint it with fun colors for a finishing touch.

22. Rolling Kitchen Cart

If you’re looking for the best gift idea for a friend or family member who loves to cook, consider a rolling kitchen cart. These carts are great for storing your pots and pans, dishes, and food.

23. Blanket Ladder

One of the most useful gifts you could give could be a blanket ladder! It’s a great idea if you want to make a gift that isn’t very extravagant or expensive but is useful and thoughtful.

24. Display Case

Create a wooden display case to organize all your collectibles and other items.

You can make the display case using 1-inch-thick wood, wood glue, table saw, nails, router, measuring tape, and 9¼-by-9¼-inch glass panels. 

25. Recipe Box

To build a recipe box, use small scraps of wood lying around your workshop.

You will likely need an air compressor, nail gun, table saw, clamps, sander, and other supplies, depending on your design.

26. Grill Side Table

If you’re looking for a gift for someone with a passion for cooking, this is the one for them!

These tables are designed to stand next to a grill to provide some much-needed counterspace when cooking outdoors. Make it as large or as small as you like.

27. Boot/Shoe Jack

You may wonder what a boot jack is and what it does. It is a handheld tool used to remove boots and shoes. It’s a great gift idea for anyone who loves the outdoors and hiking or just loves DIY projects.

Boot jacks are easy to use and make a great gift for any occasion.  

28. Napkin Holder

Napkins need proper storage to prevent dirt. There are various napkin holder designs that you can try depending on your skill levels.

You can use 1/2″ plywood scraps to make one in a few hours. You will also need a bar clamp, safety glasses, measuring tape, sanding sponge, and other supplies.

29. Picture Frames

A picture frame is one of the best DIY gift ideas. You can build a picture frame and decorate it to suit any room’s décor.

To make this item, you will need a few tools and wood. You also need a unique design to create a personalized feel.

30. Bookshelf

Making a bookshelf is a great project to do at home. There are many guides online that you can use to help you understand what needs to be done as well. 

31. Mail Organizer

One popular woodworking gift for parents, grandparents, and friends is a mail organizer. You can create a gift that is attached to a wall or is free standing.

You can make it with any type of wood or material. You can paint it any color to add in a pop of color or keep it simple to match any décor.

32. Nightstand

A nightstand can be a beautiful piece of wood to behold. This can be a very simple project or one with more elaborate plans.

As with all woodworking projects, it’s important to be smart and utilize the proper tools.

33. Paper Towel Holder

The paper towel holder is one of the must-try woodworking ideas for both beginners and veterans. It’s very simple in design, but it will surely be used daily by the recipient. 

34. Breadbox

If you’re new to woodworking and want a simple project to make for a friend, consider making a bread box!

Not only is it a simple and easy project, but the recipient will surely be surprised and love the gift.

35. Stackable Storage Bins

Do you have crates lying around the home? If yes, you can use them to make stackable storage bins.

You will need two horizontal plywood pieces, two back pieces, two vertical pieces, and some personal touches for the most basic design. Stain or paint the finished storage bins with a color of your choice.

36. Dog Bowl Stand

Make a sturdy dog bowl stand for the dog lover in your life. It takes about two hours to make this item if you have all the necessary tools and supplies on hand.

37. Marble Run

Marble runs are fun projects that utilize the basic principles used in woodworking. You can make a fairly small model or go big and create a deluxe version.

This is a great gift for the young and young at heart alike!

38. Jewelry Holder

Almost every lady has precious jewels such as earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. A jewelry holder can store all these items and help keep them organized and free from tangles.

Use pallet wood if you like, various hand tools, and wood glue to make the jewelry hanger.  

39. Key Hanger

It’s easy to create a key hanger, and it is also very useful in any home. People often misplace the keys, and having a key hanger can solve this.

To make this item, you will need a block of wood and some hooks. You can place them anywhere you want for easy access, and decorate as desired.

40. Multilevel Plant Stand

What do you get from the person that has everything? Well, how about a stylish multilevel plant stand?

Make a multi-level plant stand by choosing a unique style and design. You will need a tape measure, pencil, sandpaper, 2×4 s wood, a jigsaw, a saw, and nails or screws.

Small Project Woodworking Gift Ideas

Finally, let’s wrap up with some ideas for a small woodworking project.

1. Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards last for a long time and are easy to clean. If you want to create a perfectly circular shape, you need a good woodworking machine.

Use a hardwood board and something to cut it, a paintbrush, sandpaper, and a food-safe finish.

2. Valet Tray

Valet trays are a simple woodworking project that you can do on a weekend or with just a few spare hours.

This project allows you to hone your woodworking skills in a way that also allows you to learn new skills as you go.

3. Coaster Set

Coasters are among the most sought-after woodworking gift ideas for loved ones! As part of a housewarming gift, they’re great!

There are various types of wood to choose from, and you can get unique designs from a skilled artisan.

4. Serving Tray

Serving trays look similar to cutting boards when properly made. These service trays have a raised edge, safely securing what is placed on them.

You can customize these trays to suit your personal tastes.

5. Cheese Board

Build a wooden cheese board for displaying appetizers. You will need a hardwood board, paintbrush, sanding block, and a food-safe finish.

You can use leftover hardwood and sand down the edges. Cut the board to create a unique design. Sand the wood, and then apply a finish.

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