25 Walnut Woodworking Project Ideas for All Skill Levels

Walnut Woodworking Project Ideas

Working with wood is both calming and rewarding. Thinking of all the possible creations you can make with your own hand sure sounds great, doesn’t it?

Whether you’re new to woodworking or you’ve been practicing it for some time, many workers favor using walnut wood.

This type of hardwood is easy to work with. Plus, it’s both beautiful and durable. 

To help you with your admirable hobby, we’ve gathered 25 walnut woodworking project ideas for all skill levels, so stick around!

1. Dining Table

A walnut dining table will have a rich, dark color. Walnut is a wood known for its mixed light and dark brown hues. The table will be sturdy and dense too. 

Keep in mind that walnut wood is vulnerable. This means that you should take proper care not to scratch it and be sure to regularly dust it off. 

2. Wall Shelf for Knick-Knacks

Since walnut is a sturdy kind of hardwood, it’d be perfect for kitchen or wall shelves. Install it somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight to bring out the wood’s chocolatey tones. 

Because walnut curves beautifully, it’s a lovely choice to create a one-of-a-kind shelf to display your knick-knacks on.

3. Bed With Custom Headboard

A bed from walnut has amazing structural support because this hardwood holds itself up pretty well. It’s also easy to work with, so you can shape and sand it to your liking. 

The result you’ll have will be a custom-made bed and a headboard with naturally beautiful grain designs.   

4. Entryway Table

An entryway table typically stands in your home’s foyer or just inside the doorway, meaning it’s probably the first thing your guests see. 

If you choose to build it using walnut wood, you’ll definitely get a unique shape. That’s because shaping walnut will be different for every woodworker. 

For example, if you opt for a circular entry table, you’ll be able to see the walnut’s natural heartwood.  

5. Spice Rack

Want to add a little color to your kitchen? How about making your own spice rack? Choose walnut wood due to its sturdiness and ability to shape however you want it to. 

In other words, you can make a two-tier rack, a four-tier rack, or even a walnut spice rack with a wooden lazy Susan base. 

6. Custom Bookcase

Walnut shelves are strong and will hold up anything, so why not use them to make a beautiful, custom bookcase? 

You can pack your books and display memorabilia that go with the walnut’s tan tones. Pair it with walnut-trim plywood for a smoother look, if you prefer.

7. Nightstand

Making a nightstand out of walnut wood will have different color results. You may end up with a dark and rich-colored side table, or a lighter-toned one. 

With a bit of extra effort, you can shape the nightstand to have a drawer or two. You can also add a bottom shelf underneath where you can keep your bedroom necessities. 

8. Desk

A walnut desk will boost the atmosphere of your home office by adding a rustic feel to the place. Shape your working desk however wide you like it.

The hardwood is grained and the pattern will fade over time to become a lighter color.  

9. Serving Tray

Shaping a serving tray from walnut is easy. You’ll end up with a modern-looking tray with a high-class feel. The wood lines widen out with time and revamp the tray’s appearance.

In addition, you can make tray handles from the hardwood and screw them into the serving tray. You might pair it with metal arms too.

10. Kitchen Cutting Board

Walnut is a hardwood, which means it has fewer grains and smaller pores. In other words, it’s the perfect choice for a cutting board since it’ll absorb less of the food’s moisture and bacteria. 

That said, it’s easy to cut and shape walnut into a tray. It’s a good project for beginner woodworkers. You can carve out a shape to create a handle too. 

11. Benches or Stools

A stool or a bench seems like a simple woodworking project, but it requires some planning beforehand and the right tools. That’s why you’d want to choose walnut as your wood since it’s strong.

For stools, you can go for a basic design if you’re a beginner. A three-legged one might be more complicated. Benches, on the other hand, are larger projects but are often easier to make.  

12. Valet Tray

Nowadays, valet trays are a modern solution to storing keys, phones, and on-the-go accessories. It’s quite an easy woodworking project that requires little planning and technique. 

Choosing walnut hardwood would make for a great choice. Your valet tray will have a chic look and you can craft a thin divider too. 

13. Chair

A four-legged chair is a simple project but has multiple steps to bringing it together.

It requires a lot of hardwood sculpting and jigging so that the chair is stable and secure. The outcome is worth the effort, though. 

If you really want to get fancy, practice some wood bending, and then make your very own rocking chair.

14. Blanket or Hope Chest

A handmade walnut chest with metal hinges and clasp on a white background.

Hope chests need some dedicated woodworking. There are a lot of hinges and screws involved in the project. 

Once the chest is complete, you’ll be glad you put forth the effort as you’ll now have a treasured family heirloom to pass on to future generations.

15. Coffee Table or End Tables

Walnut makes for a one-of-a-kind coffee or end table. Whatever your skill level, you’ll have fun with shaping the wood.

You can cut around the corners for a curvy design instead of the regular circle or rectangle if you like.

Your walnut coffee table will be strong enough to rest your legs on. You can craft a glass top that’ll fit over it if you like as well.

16. Butcher Block

Walnut is the best option of close-grained hardwood to use in your kitchen. It resists more bacteria and moisture than other woods. The chocolate colors resists stains too. 

A butcher block project would be easy and rewarding. Measure your hardwood so that both the block’s top and legs are thick enough to stand up to heavy use.

17. Rocking Horse

A rocking horse is a multi-step but straightforward woodworking project. There are tiny pieces and fine sculpting involved. 

Besides using walnut, you can also use maple to add softer colors to your wooden horse if you want.  

18. Quilt Rack

Quilt racks are a lovely addition to your home if you’re into vintage furniture. Using walnut to make one also adds to that rich, rustic feel. 

A quilt rack is a fairly simple project that doesn’t need a lot of woodworking. It only requires some planning and a few sculpting steps.

19. Magazine Rack

Building an indoor modern magazine rack is one of the fun walnut projects that’s great for a beginner. There are many rack styles to choose from, such as the stand-up ladder or the holder.

Either way, walnut is sturdy. So, the wood will be easy for you to cut up and sculpt into shapes.  

20. Fireplace Mantel

Walnut wood is a popular choice for fireplace mantels due to its durability and heaviness.

Not only will it provide your living space with a chic, chocolatey look, but it’ll also hold all your picture frames and books easily. 

A walnut mantel needs almost no planning. You just need to sculpt and sand it to a shape of your liking.

21. River Table

River tables are contemporary furniture that’s on the rise. It’s a fusion of walnut wood and epoxy resin. 

The woodworking behind a river table can be quite complicated since it requires a bit of know-how.

Working with epoxy isn’t a walk in the park for beginners, but if you practice on some spare boards first, you’ll soon have the skills, experience, and confidence needed to make an incredible table.

22. Kitchen Cabinets

Walnut cabinets can withstand the kitchen’s steam and heat. Plus, the shelves are sturdy and will last for a long time. Crafting a kitchen cabinet is just as easy as building a bookcase or a wall shelf. 

If you have the skill for it, design and sculpt beautiful walnut handles to go with the cabinets’ doors.

23. Dressing Table

A dressing table is one of those woodworking projects to which you can add your own creative touch. You can plan for it to have drawers, multiple shelves, or even a built-in mirror. 

24. End-of-Bed Bench

A walnut-made end-of-bed bench will suit most bedrooms perfectly. You can design it to have drawers, a storage compartment, or even crisscrossed legs for a more modern look.

Just make sure that your cut of wood is thick enough to support the weight of an adult.

25. Toolbox

Crafting toolboxes can be quite complicated, unless you opt for a simpler design, of course. You can add a slide-in drawer, multiple compartments, or anything other special features you choose.

You can even design the lid to be reversible to act as extra storage for your tools. 


We’ve gone through 25 walnut woodworking project ideas for all skill levels. Whether you’re new to the hobby or have some experience, you can pick one of the projects above and start crafting.

Planning and designing furniture by hand is a rewarding and satisfying undertaking. Make a few items for yourself, and then make a few custom gifts for family and friends.

Before long, you’ll feel like an old pro and will have mastered new techniques that you never dreamed possible!

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