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A model of a classic truck in orange and white.

Model Truck Kits

Sorting out the top-quality model truck kits from the inferior models that will leave you frustrated and disappointed isn’t always easy. I’ve built my fair share of model trucks and have run across quite a few that really missed the mark. Shoddy construction, flimsy design, parts that just won’t fit no matter how much you …

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A Gundam action figure with a city building in the background.

Bandai Model Kits

When I’m in the market for a new Bandai model, I’m looking for three criteria: High quality in every way. Great articulation for a variety of poses. Challenging to build but not impossible or frustrating. What I don’t want is flimsy junk or a finished piece that won’t stand on its own, let alone pose. …

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Small components of a model car kit mounted midair for painting.

Difficult Model Kits

You get all hyped up over a new model that’s marked with a higher difficulty rating, you’re all primed to improve your skills and actually be challenged… and you’re done in less than an hour. No new skills gained, no fun challenges, and a mediocre model. So frustrating! I’ve been there, and it’s terribly disappointing. …

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