The Best Dice Trays for DnD & Other Tabletop Games

Dice trays are great, you should buy one.  Or make one!  They are a perfect accessory to your game table for a lot of reasons.

  • Dice stay on the table!
  • Prevents damage to the dice or your gaming table
  • Keep things quiet when rolling
  • Everyone can see your roll
  • They look GREAT!

The big one is keeping the dice contained on the table.  No sloppy dice.  Or at least greatly reduced instances of rogue dice flying off onto the floor.  I remember my friend in high school rolling so hard no tray could contain them…he rolled them on the floor against the wall.  Whatever man.

Trays are also great for keeping the table from being marked up, keeping the dice from cracking, and generally make things quieter when you’re rolling.

The other big one for me is they look cool.  I like to have my gear for all my hobbies.  I want stuff that looks good and serves a purpose.  So when I see one with a nice wide field and a cool dragon on it or a leather dice tray that rolls up like a scroll … I’m in.

What Makes A Great Dice Tray?

  • Lined with velvet, felt, or similar material to absorb the impact, but allow for a clean roll.
  • Large enough to handle your dice – Titan dice are huge for example, and many games require multiple rolls
  • Looks awesome!  I mean come on, it needs to look cool.
  • Durable.  I don’t want something cheap that will break when I transport it to a game.

There are a lot of ways to make a great dice tray, but they all have those similar properties.  You can vary sizes and materials, but they should contain things, look great, and keep your table unscratched.

With all those considerations in mind, here are the best dice trays for DnD, Warhammer, Star Wars: Legion, Kill Team… and all the other tabletop dice games!

The Best Day-to-Day Dice Trays

These are your everyday, go-to, workhorse level trays.  They look good, do the job, but they’re nothing too fancy.

The Best High-End Dice Trays

Now we’re talking high-level collectible, impress your friends, look amazing on your gaming table or in your office to display.  These are beautiful, well-crafted dice trays for those that appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it.

Wyrmwood Gaming Tabletop Dice Tray

Wyrmwood Gaming Tabletop Dice Trays

Etsy – Artisan Dice Tray & Dice Tower

Etsy Dice Trays

Best Collectable Dice Trays

These guys are wonderful for the unique looks and specialization.  They’re a step up in quality from the dailies, but not at the really high-end level.

Etsy – Collapsible, Rollable Dice Tray

Rollable Dice Tray

Etsy – Large Wooden Dice Tray

Etsy – Tree of Gondor Dice Tray

Ok!  So if you’re not quite sure about what a Dice Tray really is yet, we have a primer here for you!

“What the Heck is a Dice Tray?”

A dice tray is a gaming accessory that offers several benefits to its user.

  • They contain a “well” that helps keep dice from clattering about the table, potentially knocking over entire squadrons of miniatures or even player’s drinks in the case of metal dice. This can be especially useful if you happen to be playing with a large group of players or the table space for your games is otherwise at a premium. No one wants to exhaust an already tense moment where a dice roll matters when said roll was made with a player’s “lucky die and said die went careening who-knows-where-possibly under a couch.
  • Most dice trays have some sort of material lining, which will be addressed in further detail within the next section, that mitigates the sound your dice make when they hit a surface. If you happen to game on a glass or metal table and/or you know someone who favors metal dice, a dice tray can be a great way of keeping the chaos contained, the hearing of players and DM preserved (especially in the case of metal dice clattering against a metal table) and to maintain the health of the game table.
  • A dice tray, especially one positioned at the center of the gaming table like certain traditional games of chance that happen to use dice, also serves as a great way for everyone’s rolls to be visible to most, if not all, parties involved in the game. If multiple players are rolling for something at the same time, such as a type of skill check to hear a thief’s footsteps in the dead of night or for initiative at the start of a combat, it might be a good idea to ask each player to make sure they are using dice that are distinct enough from everyone else’s so that there is no confusion or argument over who got the natural 20 or the critical failure.
    As an aside, placing the dice tray in a communal zone for rolling might be especially useful for certain player groups who are looking to stream their games like “Critical Role.” The groups with money to invest in multiple cameras can have one aiming overhead so that viewers can see the dice rolls at the same time as the players.
  • A dice tray can also be a great boon to helping players with difficulty rolling their dice by hand, possibly do to some sort of disability.
  • For players or even DMs concerned with unbalanced dice, the walls of a dice tray may offer just the additional hit of randomness needed to correct any dice that tend to favor certain numbers.

“This sounds like a good idea. What should I be looking for when I go shopping for one?”

One of the first questions that you should ask yourself when buying any gaming accessory is “How often am I actually going to need this or use it?” Consider these points when shopping around for a dice tray, either for yourself, a friend or just some newcomers to the hobby as a whole.

  • Has “dragonitis” set in and you have a horde of different colored and textured dice you regularly use or do you just have a set or three? If you only have a handful of dice to your name, you might only need a dice tray if you frequently game with people at a crowded table.
  • Dice trays are useful for any sort of tabletop game, not just role-playing games like “Dungeons & Dragons” or “Shadowrun.” If you regularly play dice-intensive games like “Warhammer 40K” or “Paranoia,” a dice tray is probably going to be a good investment. Conversely, there are some games that either rarely calls for dice rolls, rely on a single type of die or use a completely different non-die way of handling random events; if you play a lot of these sorts of games you may be better off looking at other gaming accessories than a dice tray.
  • Do you prefer to play at home, somewhere else or even both? Some dice trays are engineered with traveling players’ needs in mind and can collapse or roll up for easy carrying. furthermore, Some dice trays are engineered to carry dice, further optimizing your carrying capacity.

On Sizes, Shapes and Materials

Remember that buying a dice tray, even an opaque utilitarian one with little flare, is about expressing yourself; think about whether you would prefer to use one just for yourself or chip in for your gaming group by purchasing a larger one for everyone to use.


Dice trays come in several sizes, with most commonly found models ranging in size from 5.5 inches across (considered a “personal” tray) to as wide as 12 inches. It is important to note that several models contain an inner and outer tray; in these cases, the outer tray is usually a narrow field to use as a resting place for commonly used dice and the inner tray is the area where players’ dice are to be rolled.


The most common configurations for this sort of accessory are either a square, rectangle, hexagon or octagon.


At the most basic level, there are three major categories of materials used in the construction of a dice tray.

  1. Wood
  2. Leather
  3. Plastic

“I mean, this one is ‘nice,’ but can I get it in chromed magenta?”

Just because you have become convinced that you either want or need a dice tray, that does not mean your decision has come to an end. Whether you are looking to build your ultimate gaming chamber or you just need something cheap yet sturdy enough to hold up to being taken with you to and from sessions, there is a dice tray for your budget.

  • Budget options: You can easily find dice trays on the market for less than $10 or even $5. These types of trays tend to be made of polyurethane-coated leather, usually marketed as “PU leather,” and most are foldable/collapsible. While it is possible to encounter the occasional wooden dice tray at this price range, it will likely be a static object without any sort of feature to collapse or become easier to store. A lucky few may even throw in a set of dice, making them a great budget gift for gamer friends and newcomer hobbyists
  • Premium options: The high-end options for dice trays involve specially harvested and treated woods that can range in price from $80 to nearly $300, depending on the particular wood.
  • “Sweet Spot” options: Look in this range if you want a decent, sturdy tray without paying through the nose ($15-$50). Just about any common material can be found at this range and you can find lots of custom features, like a “jail” for terrible dice or leather fold-up construction, if you look into the right vendors.

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