Best Dice Towers – 5 Cool Designs for Better Gaming

Whether you’re an RPG aficionado or a tabletop tyro, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with cult classics such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

Many popular tabletop games involve the use of dice.

The dice are often used to determine how far forward or back you’re required to move, but this can differ from game to game.

Tabletop dice can differ in complexity, from your standard six-sided cube to the more intricate 20-sided dice.

Whatever type of dice you like to use, you’ll probably know about the common issues that come along with playing with them.

Rolling dice by hand can make it difficult to know if the results are truly random.

Regardless of how vigorously you shake them or how many ‘lucky blows’ you breathe into your closed hands, it’s impossible to ensure a completely random result.

This can get particularly frustrating when playing opponents whom you don’t trust or ones that have a tendency to cheat.

Also, if you’re playing a tabletop board game involving dice, it is inevitable that containment is going to be an issue.

Not everyone has perfect rolling control, and dice can often end up rolling off surfaces onto the floor.

Runaway dice can result in inaccurate rolling and can disturb any miniatures or playing pieces that are on the board.

A good solution for these problems is to get yourself a dice tower.

Dice towers are controversial among tabletop gamers. A dice tower is a tool used by gamers to roll dice fairly.

You use it by dropping the dice into the top of the tower, and they’ll then bounce off of various hidden platforms inside it before exiting at the front.

Dice towers are great for eliminating any cheating that comes along with rolling dice by hand.

Many dice towers even have a tray at the bottom that keeps the dice contained. This little tray is often referred to as the “pool.”

Finding the perfect dice tower isn’t necessarily straightforward. You’ll need to consider a number of factors before making a purchase.

Consider what games you plan on playing and how the aesthetics and function of a dice tower could improve your overall game experience.

In this article, we will explore the best dice towers on the market right now and answer any queries you may have in a handy Buyer’s Guide.

These are some of my favorites!

In a hurry? Not to worry.

If you’re ready to dive straight in and make a purchase, below is a quick link to my favorite dice tower on the market and a few reasons why I think you’ll love it.

I’ve got you covered. That’s just how I roll.

Top Pick: Castle Dice Tower With Tray

  • Made from super lightweight plywood panels.
  • A great option for DIY lovers as it can be painted and customized.
  • The intricate laser-cut design creates a fantasy inspired castle tower.
  • Stable and sturdy once fully assembled.
  • Affordable compared to similar models.

Review of the Best Dice Towers

#1 Dice Tower: Laser Cut Castle Dice Tower with Tray

Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon...
  • CASTLE DESIGN: This tower has been precisely cut and decorated with a high-powered laser engraver -...
  • PORTABLE AND OCCUPY LESS SPACE: 6.3" tall, 2.3" square pieces. The tray is also 2.3" square. It is...

At the very top of my list is this unique laser-cut dice tower from a brand called CZYY. It initially caught my eye due to the hundreds of positive Amazon reviews.

But upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see why tabletop gamers are loving this product.

The tower will arrive as a bunch of flat wooden pieces.

There are a screwdriver and screws included that you’ll need to use to put the tower together.

However, don’t let this put you off – this tower has been praised for its stability and sturdiness once assembled.

The tower itself is made from pieces of plywood.

These pieces are natural in color and feature cool laser-cut designs including a dragon and a portcullis (a vertically closing gate found on castle gatehouses).

The natural wood makes this a perfect project for DIY enthusiasts. This dice tower enables you to flaunt your creativity by painting and assembling your own tower.

This gives you optimal creative freedom and customization options.

Walk into a game carrying a custom-designed dice tray and a cool dice bag, and players will sit up and take notice!

This beast of a tower can handle any dice you throw its way – even the 20-sided varieties.

In fact, you can drop an entire set of dice into the tower, and it can handle it.

Inside the tower, you’ll find a series of three platforms that promote dice tumbling.

This ensures a random and fair roll every time, lessening the chances of any rage-fueled disagreements while playing.

The bottom of the tower features a small, walled tray that keeps the dice contained.

This little tray is great for avoiding interruptions caused by runaway dice.


  • Hundreds of positive Amazon reviews.
  • The DIY kit allows for customization and originality.
  • Suitable for all dice types, including the 20-sided kind.
  • Walled pool tray keeps dice contained.
  • Cool laser-cut designs.
  • Budget-friendly option.


  • Due to the fragility of plywood, if the screws are turned too tightly, the wood can break and splinter.

Other Great Dice Towers

Runner-Up: C4Labs Dice Tower and Tray

C4Labs Dice Tower & Tray for Dice Games
  • Treat yourself to this modern interpretation of a dice tower which combines thick clear acrylic and...
  • We were surprised at how transfixing it is to watch the dice dance through--almost like a piece of...

Next up is this ultra-modern interpretation of a dice tower and tray made by C4Labs.

As newbies to the tabletop games industry, C4Labs has come a long way since its establishment in 2013.

They aim to create unique tabletop equipment that is durable, creative, and able to enhance your gaming experience.

Fortunately, this dice tower and tray is no exception. The tower itself is constructed from thick clear acrylic plastic and stained, laser-cut wood.

I love the unique choice of materials as this allows the players to see the dice as they tumble down the tower, which is a lot more transfixing than it sounds, especially when you’re using really awesome-looking dice.

The tower has five tilted wooden platforms that the dice fall onto, causing them to spin and tumble.

This kinetic structure ensures that the result of each roll is truly random and can’t be interfered with.

C4Labs proudly advertises their dice tower as being suitable for dices that have up to 30 sides!

So no matter what game you plan on playing, this tower can handle it.

The bottom of the tower features a rectangular wooden tray. The tray is walled to catch any falling dice to keep them contained during gameplay.

This tray has been carefully lined with thin velvet, which protects your surfaces and reduces noise.


  • Super modern, attractive design.
  • Made from durable, stained, laser-cut wood.
  • The transparent acrylic tower lets players watch the dice fall.
  • The five tilted wooden platforms create a random result every time.
  • Includes a removable walled tray to prevent runaway dice.


  • This tower can be a little loud, even with the velvet lining.

Castle Staircase Dice Tower

Tower Castle Dice Tower Tabletop Games Dungeons...
  • A BOARD GAME MUST-HAVE: Dice Towers are board game accessories that allow you to roll the dice in a...
  • ENSURES FAIRNESS IN EVERY GAME: Eliminates any possibilities of an unfair play that may occur when...

The third best competitor has to be this see-through dice tower castle. 

It resembles a spiral staircase from an old castle.

Drop the dice in the top, roll down the stairs, and stop on the cobblestone landing.

Now that’s a perfectly randomized roll!

This design is pretty amazing and detailed.

It stands about 8 inches tall and is 8.5 inches at it’s widest point.


  • Incredible reviews on Amazon (check them out here).
  • The design is insanely cool.
  • Super responsive customer service.


  • It’s a little bulky and not as portable as some other designs on this list.

Legacy Portable Dice Tower and Tray

LEGACY Dice Tower Tray Portable - Easy Dice...
  • REDUCED NOISE: Other dice towers are loud and can be distracting while players are focusing on...
  • RANDOM AND FAIR ROLLING: 3 levels of tumbling for your dice to truly roll in a random fashion.

If portability is an important factor to you, I recommend considering this Portable Dice Tower and Tray by Legacy.

This dice tower is great for playing tabletop games on the go as it is fully collapsible thanks to its easy three-step assembly.

It can also be dismantled in under three seconds and can fit inside a small pocket, making it perfect for traveling or tournaments away from home.

The tower itself is constructed from frosted acrylic, which means you’re able to see all of the tumbling action firsthand.

The tumbling technique of this tower ensures a genuinely random result every roll, reducing the risk of an unfair game or cheating taking place.

It is shaped like a castle but in a sophisticated and understated way and features the Legacy logo, which happens to be a super-cool dragon’s head.

The top/entrance of the tower is wider than usual, which allows plenty of room for multiple dice to be tossed down at once.

Amazon reviewers love how lightweight this dice tower is and that it can easily be moved around on a tabletop mid game.

Legacy has focused on noise reduction with this dice tower.

The tray pool section is protected by professional-grade padding that softens the fall of the dice.

This means that your late-night tabletop gaming sessions won’t disturb any sleeping friends and family.


  • The super-portable design allows this tower to be taken anywhere.
  • It’s lightweight, making it easy to move around.
  • It can be assembled and disassembled in just seconds.
  • Frosted acrylic construction is stable yet attractive.
  • Padded tray reduces noises caused by falling dice.
  • Genuinely random results guaranteed every time.


  • Some reviewers found the edges of the acrylic a little sharp. This is easily remedied by filing any sharp edges down.

Forged Dice Co. Draco Castle Dice Tower 

Forged Dice Co. Draco Castle Foldable Dice Tray...
  • FOLDABLE: All in one solution for a dice tray and dice tower. Folds flat for easy transport in to a...
  • DICE TRAY: Roll your dice down the dice tower and into the dice tray or just use it as a dnd dice...

Last, but certainly not least, has to be this Draco Castle Dice Tower made by Forged Dice Co. I wanted to include this model due to its unique construction.

This tower is made from high-quality PU leather and soft felt.

These materials are fixed to each other perfectly to create a durable surface that softens the blow for tumbling dice.

The PU leather is used to create a wipeable surface that somewhat resembles dragon skin.

This product comes complete with a dragon-and-dice design on the front gate of the castle tower and the Forged Dice Co. logo on the reverse side of the tower.

Once you’ve dropped your dice at the top of the tower, they’ll land on the walled and lined tray below.

This tray is padded to reduce noisy dice clacking and to prevent scratching your equipment.

The entire tray and tower can fold flat to form a 9.5 x 11 x 0.75 inch thick square for easy transport and storage.

The folding process takes less than a few seconds, and the pieces are held together by strong magnets and snaps.

Although the PU leather is a standard black shade, you’re able to customize the color of the felt. The color options available include blue, black, brown, mauve, red, and purple.

This tower is inexpensive and is perfect as a gift for anyone who enjoys Dungeons and Dragons. (More D&D gift ideas here.)


  • Made from high-quality PU leather which mimics dragon skin.
  • Lined with soft felt that comes in a variety of colors.
  • The padded tray provides cushioning for tumbling dice.
  • Padded and walled tray protects your dice and reduces noise.
  • Budget friendly compared to similar products on the market.
  • Fully portable thanks to its foldability and magnets.


  • This tower is opaque, so you won’t be able to watch the dice fall.

Buyer’s Guide

As discussed, dice towers are an L-shaped box contraption that randomizes the roll of dice, making them extremely popular among RPG and tabletop game enthusiasts.

They’re usually made from wood, but modern dice towers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Whether you’re interested in Dungeons and Dragons or Backgammon, a dice tower is a great addition to any board game setup as it ensures a fair and true game.

The quality and features of a dice tower can vary dramatically from brand to brand.

Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider before making a hasty purchase.


It may sound obvious, but the material of your dice tower is crucial to its performance.

High-quality dice towers tend to be made from wood. However, some wood is far better than others.

For example, the most popular type of wood for the raw materials of dice towers is plywood.

Being lightweight and very durable, plywood-made dice towers are really in demand.

These woods, despite being relatively lightweight, will provide a sturdy gaming experience as well as being super easy to carry along anywhere.

Wood isn’t the only option. Some modern dice towers are made from PU leather, which isn’t as strong but is flexible enough to be folded.

This is why leather dice towers tend to be able to fold into a smaller shape when it’s stored away.

Some dice towers, whether wood or leather, will come with felt or velvet padding to protect the tower and to reduce noise.

Internal Design

Although material and aesthetics are important factors to consider when choosing a dice tower, the internal design of a dice tower is arguably the most crucial.

Dice towers work by randomizing the result of a roll thanks to elevated platforms inside them. These platforms are often known as “baffles.”

Baffles can differ in size and material, and each dice tower will have a different amount of platforms. As a rule of thumb, the more platforms the better.

The more obstacles that dice come across inside the tower will determine how randomized the result will be.

Be sure to assess how well your dice tumble through the tower to ensure that each roll is genuinely true.

Exit and Entry Points

The entry point on a dice tower is at the very top. The larger the entrance point, the more dice you’ll be able to toss down the tower at any one time.

Some games require multiple dice to be rolled at once, so large entrance points are an advantage.

However, to prevent any frustrating blockages, ensure that the exit point is big enough to handle whatever you put through the tower.

Some towers are only compatible with dice that have up to 20 sides; however, a few special models are suitable for use with 30 sided dice.

Do Dice Towers Really Provide a Random Roll?

Dice rolls from a dice tower are truly random.

They prevent players from manipulating the dice rolls or even having those accusations brought up.

A good dice tower with at least a few baffles will randomize dice rolls sufficiently for any game that you’re playing.

They’re nice and compact while allowing you to easily make well-randomized rolls.

If you’re not getting randomized results every time, your dice tower is probably faulty.

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