Uno Dice Game Rules: Full Guide to Gameplay for Beginners

An Uno Dice game displayed on a table.

There are many card games, board games, and now dice games. We aren’t talking about Yahtzee either!

UNO has been expanding its hold on the game world by offering many different card versions and even UNO Attack!, which shoots cards at players. 

UNO Dice is one of the dice versions of the game. With simple rules and quick hands, this game is sure to please players all around. Wanna play? Let’s get to it.

How do you play the Uno Dice Game? Players each have five dice and take turns rolling and matching them to the last die of the dice chain. This continues with multiple action options to help players reach their goal. The player who goes out first scores the point value from their opponents hand, and the first one to 200 points wins!

Now that we’ve covered a very basic description of the game. Let’s get into the details so you can walk into your first game a pro!

Playing Uno Dice Game: Quick Guide

Uno Dice is a pretty simple game. There are 11 dice split between two players with one leftover. You’ll form one chain between both players in a battle to 200 points!

Anyone can play this game, and its quick rounds make for a sure no-hassle time! Here’s a breakdown.

  • Number of players: 2
  • Number of dice: 11
  • Object of the game: Be the first person to have no dice.
  • Winning the game: The winner is the first player to reach 200 points.

Setting Up the Game

Setting up the game is quite simple. You place the dice on the table. Each player takes five leaving one available for game play.

That’s it. Grab a drink and a snack. Talk some pregame trash. You’re ready to play!

The Action Dice

As with any Uno game, there are action items in the game; only instead of a card, we have a dice. There are three actions found on the dice. I’ve included them below with the description.

  • Draw One: When this is played, the next player must draw one die from the back of the dice line, re-roll their dice, and miss their turn.
  • Draw Two: This is the same as the Draw One, but the player must take two dice.
  • Wild: When this die is played, the player can pick the next color to be played. It can be any color including the last color played before the dice was rolled. 

Playing Uno Dice

Once you’ve got the dice all set up and ready to go, the game begins!

  1. Player one rolls all five of their dice, leaving them on the table. The other plays rolls the extra die and places it in the middle of the area being played in. If the die rolls an action, roll again until a number shows. This is the start of your dice line.
  2. On the first turn, you must match a die from the rolled dice to match the color or number rolled on the extra die. Thank goodness for options. We’d be lost without them!
  3. Players continue taking turns to match one of their dice to the last die of the dice line. The moves will begin to form a line. The line can go from right to left or up and down. Think of the line as the Uno cards with the last dice on the line being the one to match.
  4. If you can’t match the color or number, you can use a wild die to choose a new color if you have one.
  5. If you can’t match the last die or throw a wild, then you must pick up (draw) the die from the opposite end of the line and reroll all of your dice. You can then lay down one that can be played at the end of the line.
  6. You can choose to not play a die.  If you do this, you must draw a die and reroll. Play a matching die if you can. Otherwise it’s the next player’s turn.
  7. Keep in mind that you cannot hide your dice. They must be visible to the other player at all times.
  8. When you play your second-to-last die, you must yell “UNO!” before the other player sees. If the other player catches you, you must draw two dice and re-roll.
  9. Once a player is out of dice, the opponent’s remaining dice are scored. The player who went out first is, of course, the one to get all the points. It pays to be first here, just like any other UNO game. 

Scoring and Winning Uno Dice

The first player out of dice gets all the remaining points in their opponent’s hand.

Scoring goes as follows:

Numbers 1-5: Face Value

Draw One or Draw Two :20 

Wild: 50 points

The winner is the first to score 200 points.

Uno Dice vs. Uno Dice Roll, Match & Win

There are a few differences between the games here. 

Uno Dice Roll, Match & Win has colored boards with squares on them. The players must use the dice to come up with a chain.

There are wilds that can be placed anywhere to help the chain grow and -1 and +1 penalties to be assigned to other players. 

Instead of forming one chain between two players, Dice Roll, Match & Win has up to four different chains being built and color cards to keep track of the chains. 

Uno Dice is a similar and simpler version of the same game with just one chain and no boards. Uno Dice has the same amount of actions with different meanings.

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How To Play Uno Dice Game Roll & Write

The youngest player gets the honors of starting the game with the play continuing in a clockwise direction.

Instead of building one line as with Uno Dice, each of the four players builds a chain with the dice on each of their turns in a race to complete their board first.

Before beginning actual gameplay, each player will roll a die until a number is face up. This number is written in the first box of their wipe-off board.

Players then take turns rolling the dice and creating a chain. The chains must begin with same number that was written in the first box of their board.

After that first die is matched, the chain may be built by matching dice with either the same color or number as the previous one.

On each turn, player has the option of rerolling as many dice as desired; however, this can only be done once per turn. Once a chain is completed, the player records the numbers on their board.

The play continues until the end of the hand.

Players in Uno Dice Roll & Write can adjust their chain at any time. In this game there are penalties: -1 and +1.

A -1 is assigned to another player, and that player has to erase the last number on their board. This can only be assigned to people with more than one number on their board.

A +1 is assigned to a player and that player adds another space on their board and outlines it.  They now have one more number to roll than the other players.

Instead of yelling out “UNO,” Dice Roll & Write requires to have the last dice’s number and color called out.

Every player with the matching color board or the matching last number on their board can add it to their board. The current player cannot do this. 

The wild can be placed anywhere in your chain to help complete your board.

The winner of UNO Dice Roll, Match & Win is the first player to completely fill in all their spaces on their board.


We covered a couple different dice versions of UNO. You can choose one or maybe both to start with – that’s up to you.

UNO Dice is by far the simpler version. If you’re done with simple and want more of a challenge, then UNO Dice, Roll & Write may be the game for you.

Whatever you do while playing Uno Dice, please don’t forget to yell “UNO!” Nobody likes nearing the point of victory and having to take two steps back.

Happy Rolling!

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