Sublimation Design Downloads: List of Best Options & Freebies

An assortment of cute graphic designs about gardening.

Sublimation designs are graphic designs usually imprinted on the surfaces of products, such as mugs, t-shirts or other items, and then sold online or elsewhere.

Most sublimation designs on the market are for use with software such as Adobe Suite, Coreldraw, and Cricut, although other software programs can be used. 

Most sublimation designs work with JPEG, SVG, PNG, and other formats, and these file types are the most common for commercial use.

Here, we will ‌look at some of the paid and free sublimation designs that are available online.

Quality sublimation designs usually cost a little bit of money (but not much) to acquire.

In most cases, paying for designs is desirable for professionals who earn a living cutting and printing designs using sublimation printing

Although there are free designs available (we list those toward the end of this article), you can usually get better quality designs for a small price at any of the following websites:

Design Bundles

With many hundreds of available design bundles, you will have a wide variety of sublimation designs to choose from on this website.

You can find design bundles of high-quality sublimation designs with an average price of about $2.50 per download or so, and there are many free ones as well of varying quality.  

Free membership packages are also available, and all of the designs, free or paid, come with all commercial licenses granted.

  • Specializes in: High-quality sublimation designs for crafters and apparel
  • Design categories: Occasion and seasonal designs available
  • Average price per download: About $2.00 to $3.00 per bundle download, although some bundles are higher
  • Subscription needed: Membership required

Hungry Jpeg Designs

Hungry Jpeg designs are your one-stop shop for a wide variety of sublimation designs at deeply discounted pricing.

There are countless design categories; basically, everything you would look for is here on this one website.

You can easily register and then purchase and download your quality designs without a subscription.

All designs include commercial licenses granted with instant free downloads for some products. One-dollar specials get added frequently.

  • Specializes in: Jpeg designs in SVG, PNG with approximately 22050 designs currently in stock, more added frequently
  • Design categories: Wide variety including seasonal and occasional
  • Average price per download: Most designs are inexpensive, priced at approximately $1 per bundle – a great value
  • Subscription needed: No

Etsy Designs

Etsy features a vast assortment of seasonal, occasional, and special designs of all types and kinds as well as a world-class selection of other art and graphics.

There’s no average real price, but they’re usually relatively inexpensive, although higher-quality sublimation designs are more.

You don’t need a subscription to join; you can purchase just by registering. 

(You can also sell your finished pieces on this platform at affordable rates with a vast marketplace to support your sales.)

  • Specializes in: Endless selection updated constantly
  • Design categories: No specific type, all kinds available, a wide selection
  • Average price per download: Wide variety of pricing
  • Subscription needed: No 

Creative Fabrica Sublimation Files

An almost endless supply of sublimation designs of all types and kinds are available at Creative Fabrica.

Available for download for $3 or more on average, there are mock-up templates available as well. Most file types such as PNG and SVG are supported, some of which are editable.

All commercial licenses get granted, and you can register to purchase without a subscription here. An excellent resource overall for sublimation designs downloads.

  • Specializes in: PNG, SVG formats
  • Design categories: All categories including seasonal and occasional, everyday designs
  • Average price per download: Starts at about $3 per bundle and makes its way up
  • Subscription needed: No 

So Fontsy Sublimation Files

Here you will find an extensive assortment of larger bundles available with prices usually starting about $12 to $15 per huge bundle. That’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth it for what you get.

You don’t need a subscription. All you need to do is register to purchase. Downloads and subscription blanks as well as templates are also available.

All commercial licenses are granted upon purchase.

  • Specializes in: Limited-time bundles available for immediate purchase
  • Design categories: All categories, everyday, seasonal, holiday
  • Average price per download: A little pricey at $12 to $15 per bundle on average, but you get a lot
  • Subscription needed: No 

Buy T-Shirt Designs

If you are searching for a t-shirt design, this website is a beautiful place to find all kinds of vector art and PNG files for t-shirts only.

Featuring a countless selection of designs, all of them are available for immediate download, and the pricing is in an affordable range. 

If you sell t-shirts for a living or as a side-gig or hobby, this is an ideal website for t-shirt sublimated designs at competitive prices. All commercial licenses get granted upon purchase.

  • Specializes in: Vector art and PNG specifically, other file types supported
  • Design categories: All types
  • Average price per download: About $10 to $15 per download
  • Subscription needed: No


This website is for t-shirt sublimated designs in vector and PNG formats and clip art for the same. No subscription is needed.

You just register to be granted instant access to downloads. As a bonus, you can download one free PNG file per day.

All of their PNG files are editable, and other file types are also supported. 

They boast a great selection of quality t-shirt designs overall, and the prices are reasonable. All commercial licenses are granted upon purchase.

  • Specializes in: PNG and vector formats primarily
  • Design categories: A wide variety of categories, t-shirt design exclusively
  • Average price per download: Prices vary, no real average
  • Subscription needed: Premium subscription plans are available 


This website contains a large assortment of both paid and free designs, and they come mostly in vector art files.

These files can be used with a wide variety of different software programs, including Adobe suite, Coreldraw, and Cricut.

Currently, there are over 23,000 different designs available in either individual designs or bundles. 

There’s no subscription to join this site; just register to purchase, and you can download your files instantly. All commercial licenses are granted for paid or free versions. 

  • Specializes in: Vector art files are the primary selection
  • Design categories: Over 23,000 different designs in all categories
  • Average price per download: Prices vary, some are free
  • Subscription needed: No 


This website offers different accounts for both free and paid types of subscriptions. There’s a wide variety of epic designs available in all different traditionally used file formats.

These designs are also editable so that you can change color, opacity, or other features.

If you have a paid account, you will unlock unlimited downloads and get as many sublimation designs as you desire for one price – ideal for bulk buyers.

  • Specializes in: Most file types supported
  • Design categories: A wide variety of design categories, change frequently
  • Average price per download: Prices vary
  • Subscription needed: unlimited downloads available with membership, ideal for bulk buyers

Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

This website offers several free and paid sublimation design files in ready-to-use form. They mainly focus on SVG files, and they have an extensive selection of different sublimated designs.

No subscription is necessary. You can just easily register to download. Affordable sublimations designs are available for instant download starting at just $1 or free.

All commercial licenses are granted for paid or free versions.

  • Specializes in: SVG family type is primarily supported
  • Design categories: Extensive selection, many different categories, holiday, everyday
  • Average price per download: Prices start at $1 and go up. Some are free
  • Subscription needed: No 


Shutterstock has a lot of different types of designs, including graphic arts, yet they do also offer sublimated designs for sale.

Prices vary, but they could be inexpensive in some cases. Ten free designs are offered when you subscribe. Over 350 million available images are on this website.

All commercial licenses are granted upon purchase. It’s an ideal source of sublimation designs downloads.

  • Specializes in: All file formats supported
  • Design categories: Over 350 million images available, countless designs
  • Average price per download: Prices vary across the board, huge selection
  • Subscription needed: Yes, but you get 10 free designs when you subscribe

Adobe Stock

Adobe is the premiere digital design company and is synonymous with all things graphics. They offer over 22,000 different sublimation designs, and you can get 10 free designs upon subscription.

Adobe also has several videos dedicated to sublimation designs for educational purposes, and their designs are suitable for use with Adobe products.

  • Specializes in: No specialty, all types of files and designs available
  • Design categories: All conceivable categories, endless selection
  • Average price per download: Prices vary, some are inexpensive, huge selection
  • Subscription needed: Yes, but you get 10 free designs when you subscribe 

Free Sublimation Design Websites

You may want to pay a little bit of money to get high-quality sublimation design downloads from a paid website.

However, you can get a fairly good-quality sublimation design bundle from a free sublimation design website in many cases.

There are countless websites to choose from, and we include a list of some of the better ones here:

Free SVG Designs

This space is one of the hottest free sublimation designs sites with sublimation design file formats, including PNG, SVG, DXF, and EPS types, suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as Adobe suite Coreldraw and Cricut design space.

There are thousands of designs in 50 different categories, including inspirational, seasonal, and monograms.

  • High-resolution designs available
  • Commercial licenses granted
  • Attractive and functional designs
  • All designs are free of cost

The Illustrator Guru

Featuring a wide assortment of sublimation designs available for free, this website offers designs for occasions, seasonal designs, and other types of designs.

Available in four different file types listed below, but the most common file type is SVG. All of these sublimation designs are suitable for cutting and printing.

Check them out regularly as their designs keep getting changed up.

  • SVG, EPS, DXF, and PNG file formats are available
  • Large assortment of available designs
  • Individual designs, typically not bundles
  • Never a charge for these designs

SVG Stop

It is said that the SVG stop is an essential destination for all things sublimated design. File types supported include SVG, PNG, DXF, and EPS, and they are all free.

Featuring new designs all the time, SVG Stop is the go-to resource, and no subscription is needed. All you have to do is register to download.

  • SVG PNG Dxf in EPS file type supported
  • Includes commercial licenses granted
  • All new designs all the time
  • Easy downloading

Eboss 247

Although they don’t have many free sublimation designs, this small website has excellent quality designs in standard supported file formats.

You can download these sublimated designs for free with commercial licenses granted. It’s maybe not the most complete collection of sublimated designs, but they are worth checking out.

  • Completely free sublimated designs
  • High-quality, small selection
  • File types supported include SVG and PNG
  • No subscription is needed – just register and download


This is another small website with only a few different types of files available, yet they have high-quality images, and they are a useful resource nonetheless.

This website mostly deals with the file type of PNG. No subscription is necessary. Just register to download.

Commercial licenses are granted for all files downloaded. All sublimation designs are completely free on this website.

  • Completely free sublimation designs
  • Commercial licenses are granted for all files
  • Mostly PNG files supported
  • High-quality images in all cases

Pineapple Paper Company

Although this is a very small website with not many sublimation designs featured, there are definitely some high-quality images here, and it’s surely worth visiting.

Mostly SVG file formats are supported, and all commercial licenses are granted for all files. No subscription is necessary. Just register to download, and the files are all yours.

  • No subscription is necessary to download
  • SVG file types mainly supported
  • High-quality images, although few in quantity

Free Sublimation Designs

As the name suggests, all the sublimation designs on this site are absolutely free. There’s a pretty good variety of sublimation designs available for download.

All you have to do is register. You don’t have to subscribe or pay a dime. SVG files are primarily supported on this site, although there are some others.

Donations are appreciated but not required for instant downloads. Commercial licenses get granted for all files downloaded.

  • Commercial licenses granted for all files downloaded
  • Donations appreciated but not required for downloads
  • SVG and other file types supported
  • A decent selection of available sublimated designs

Now You’re Prepared for Any Sublimation Design Need 

Now that you have some substantial information about sublimation designs and where to get them, you are prepared to get these designs for whatever purposes you have for them.

Many people use sublimation designs to imprint onto various products for resale online. Creative professionals may create their works in various ways.

If you have been considering sublimation designs as a money-making function in the overall business end of things, you are not alone.

Many people turn to this medium to express fun energy while using it to earn money for the rest of their creative endeavors. This is an excellent way to make a living.

In just one article, you now have access to enough different sources for sublimation designs to keep you in business indefinitely.

There are other sublimation design sources available online, but this list is pretty representative of the majority of available selections.

You may want to investigate sublimation download technology and work with the medium before you download any designs.

It is pretty involved from a technological standpoint, so become prepared before committing to anything.

Having these resources at your fingertips is indispensable when you get down to business.

So do the further research necessary to get into the work, and in the meantime, you can just bookmark this resource for future use.

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