Semi Truck Model Kits: Peterbilt, Kenworth, Plastic & Wood Kits

Semi Truck and Trailer Model

It’s not easy differentiating between a quality semi truck model and one that is going to be a waste of time and money. 

Over the years, I’ve learned to quickly spot the junk and only focus on kits that will meet or exceed my expectations. 

Want to know my secret? Stick with well-known, trusted brands. That’s it.

In the following, I’ll share some of my favorites that I’ve worked on myself (and some I hope to in the near future) that are sure to provide that WOW factor you’ve been looking for.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick look at one model truck from each category:

Plastic: Wilson Livestock Van Trailer – authentic details,  just enough challenge, moving components.

Peterbilt: Italeri Long Hauler – exceptional details, plenty of chrome, detailed instructions and paint guide included.

Kenworth: Tyrone Malone’s Custom Drag Truck – two choices for customization, opening doors, fantastic engine detail.

Wood: UGears Heavy Boy Mac – excellent quality and details, laser-cut pieces, rubber band wind-up engine.

Plastic Model Truck Trailers

If you are a truck and trailer enthusiast or love to put together semi truck model kits, there are various options to choose from today.

These real-life replicas of livestock van trailers, gravel trailers, and big rig semi-trailers are challenging ways to pass the time and will look terrific on display when complete.

Each is at 1:25 scale and requires paint and glue or cement to put together. 

Wilson Livestock Van Trailer 

AMT Wilson Livestock Van Trailer 1:25 Scale Model...
  • 1/25 scale, skill 3, paint and cement required
  • molded in white, with chrome accessories

For the hobbyist who loves variety, this Wilson Livestock Van Trailer fits numerous AMT semi cabs to complete the look.

The recommended age for assembly is 14 and up.

With over 200 parts scaled from the manufacturer’s prints, this realistic model showcases all the details you would find on the real-life trailer with accuracy.

This plastic trailer weighs 1.5 pounds, measures 19 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 9 inches tall. 

It includes realistic red and amber reflectors and taillights along with functional rear doors that open.

There are eight vinyl Goodyear tires with dual-spoke wheels on this van trailer.

The manufacturer includes detailed instructions to make this livestock van trailer easy to put together and a great addition to any collection. 

3-Axle Gravel Trailer

The MPC 3-Axle Gravel Trailer is an accurate recreation of the real thing. All the necessary decals are in the package to give the trailer the final touches once it is complete.

With separate instructions for flexibility, you can change this gravel trailer into other model items like a dump bed or a road train.

Hobbyists can also hook up the 5th wheel dolly connection easily and complete a setup. 

This easy-to-assemble trailer is rated for ages 10 and up and weighs 1.1 pounds at completion.

This trailer measures 12 inches in length and is a perfect match for MPC’s heavy-duty truck cabs but will also fit any 1:25 scale semi truck cab with a 5th wheel plate.

It is ideal for someone who loves working on models that are not too complicated or take a lot of time to finish. 

Big Rig Semi-Trailer

If you are looking to add to your AMT model collection, this Big Rig Semi-Trailer is a great choice.

This model’s versatility means you can create a single-axle city van trailer or a long-tandem axle highway hauler trailer.

The included decals come in various options to suit the model you choose to make with the final length ranging from 9 to 18.5 inches long.

With opening rear doors and solid vinyl tires, this is a quality product from AMT that will suit many truck cab models from the same manufacturer.

Intricate details include a spare tire holder, vehicle loading ramps, and more.

Recommended for ages 14 and older, this trailer weighs 1.67 pounds and will be a great addition to your shelf. 

Peterbilt Model Truck Kits

Peterbilt is one of the two most popular truck models for hobbyists around the world.

With a loyal following, these semi truck model kits are available through several manufacturers with various options.

Anyone who loves spending time with replicas will appreciate the detail that goes into these products.

Both of these items require cement and paint for completion and will need a trailer purchased separately if desired. 

Peterbilt Long Hauler

Italeri Peterbuilt 378 "Long Hauler", Blue, Small
  • Almost 14" long
  • Magnificently produced suspension and engine bay

This semi truck model kit is a 1:24 scale of the classic American Peterbilt semi truck that frequents the highways.

The hood tilts 90° for a full view of the 420 HP Detroit Diesel engine.

This kit boasts exceptionally detailed suspension and has all the bells and whistles of a real-life cab. 

The Peterbilt Long Hauler semi truck model kit by Italeri measures almost 14 inches long and includes an abundance of chrome detailing, 10 Peterbilt tires, and dual exhaust.

Chrome accents, high-back cab seats, and a deep taper bumper accentuate this scale model perfectly.

For the truck lover in your family, this model is a must-have. 

Peterbilt Pacemaker Cabover

AMT Peterbuilt 352 Pacemaker Cabover (Coca Cola)...
  • Brand: AMT
  • Never Compromising On Quality And Designed

This AMT Peterbilt Pacemaker Cabover is a 1:25 scale model sporting the classic Coca-Cola graphics.

They spared no details when creating this product.

With a heavy-duty chassis, fifth wheel assembly, and side plate, this model brings Peterbilt to life in your home.

The tilting sleeper cab reveals the Detroit Diesel engine for any hobbyist to enjoy. This semi truck model kit weighs 1.32 pounds and is recommended for ages 14 and up.

The detail included in the interior and engine make this product an exceptional choice for any model truck lover.

The dual exhaust and tandem rear axles are characteristic of this Peterbilt truck.

AMT models this kit in white with over 200 parts and the skill level is set at 3, making it a relatively easy item to complete.  

Kenworth Model Truck Kits

Kenworth semi truck model kits are another popular item that many enthusiasts want to include in their collection.

These products are at a 1:25 scale, with glue, cement, and paint required to complete them fully.

Both of these models are entirely customizable and are ideal for the intermediate skill level collector. 

Tyrone Malone’s Custom Drag Truck

This specialty Tyrone Malone’s Kenworth Custom Drag Truck can be shown as a classic dragster or use the American flag theme.

This rare vintage model comes equipped with opening doors, vinyl tires, and a tilting hood to access the engine compartment. 

AMT molds this kit in black with chrome and clear parts, weighing 1.37 pounds in total.

Customize it how you want with the included decals for both designs.

Any hobbyist would love to add this Tyrone Malone’s Custom Drag Truck to their Kenworth collection. 

Revell Kenworth W900

Revell 85-1507 Kenworth 900 Aerodyne Tractor 1:25...
  • Hood tilts forward to show detailed turbocharged six cylinder diesel engine
  • Chrome plated simulated alloy wheels, dual exhaust stacks, roof mounted horns and mirrors with...

For the Kenworth enthusiast in your family, the Revell Kenworth W900 is the perfect collection piece.

It includes illustrated instructions and is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Measuring approximately 12 inches long and 6 inches tall, this kit is a terrific semi to put together.

Revell uses white and clear plastic components with chrome plating, and details include alloy wheels, dual exhausts, horns, and mirrors with antennas.

Customize this semi truck cab with stripes or custom graphics and finish it off with the Kenworth license plates. 

Wood Model Truck Kits

For the person in your life who loves model kits, wooden model truck kits are a refreshing change from the ordinary.

Enhance your skill level by choosing a wood 3D model as your next project.

Using wood models gives you a creative edge to create an entirely customizable project. 

These wood model kits, also known as 3D puzzles, are a great way to challenge the mind while filling your spare time.

Logic and reasoning skills and problem-solving methods are needed when putting together these wood model truck kits. 

UGears Models 3-D Wooden Puzzle Heavy Boy Mac Truck

UGEARS Models 3-D Wooden Puzzle - Mechanical Heavy...
  • DESIGN: A turn of the key that sends the fuel along the veins of your 18-wheel beast making it purr...
  • ROBUST AND POWERFUL: The heart of the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 is a robust R6 engine, powered up by a...

The UGears 3D Heavy Boy Mac Truck wooden puzzle is a stunning piece for any collector.

It includes working gears within the R6 engine and transmission system that other models do not allow.

Once you wind up the rubber band motor, it can move up to 16 feet with just one winding, and the transmission has three modes, including forward, backward, and idle. 

This 3D wooden replica includes all of the intricate features you would see in real-life.

From the side mirrors to the exhaust stacks, any hobbyist will enjoy putting this together.

You will even find the door ladder, a shovel, and a gas can to add realistic finishing touches.

No glue is needed to complete this project made of durable plywood for display. 

Wood Trick Big Rig Mechanical Toy Truck

Wood Trick Big Rig Truck Car 3D Wooden Puzzles for...
  • NATURAL WOOD - Big Rig semi truck model kit is made entirely of wood and requires no glue to be...
  • RARE CAR COLLECTION - Inspired by the limited Kenworth T950 Legend truck, this mechanical semi truck...

This beautifully crafted 3D wooden puzzle model is perfect for anyone ages 14 and up.

No glue is needed to assemble this 485-piece, incredibly detailed Wood Trick Big Rig Mechanical Toy Truck.

It comes with detailed instructions, photos, and an online YouTube video for further video assembly guidelines. 

Measuring 14 inches long by 6 inches high, you will be amazed at the moving mechanisms that resemble a realistic semi truck.

The 4-stroke engine is visible under the bonnet hood, and the high-quality natural birch plywood gives this model stability once completed. 

Related Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions by those interested in semi truck model kits and their answers.

Do Semi Truck Model Kits Come Already Painted?

On average, semi truck model kits do not come already painted.

Some parts you may not have to paint once you finish, but you will have some painting tasks to do for the product to resemble the photo on the box.

The painting should be after the model kit is completely put together and not before you begin assembly. 

What Tools Do I Need for Model Trucks?

The tools you need to build model trucks will depend on the skill level of the kit you purchase.

Some beginner models will require only a knife and a file for completion, while more complex kits need specific tools.

You will need a sharp knife, a small file, plastic cement or glue, and paint for intermediate and expert-level models.

In my Ultimate Guide to Model Tools and Supplies, you’ll find a complete list of the basics needed and some additional gear to consider as well.

Be sure to check the instructions on your model for any required tools you may need for assembly. 

Quick Recap

I have no doubt that you’ll be more than satisfied with any of the semi truck kits listed above, but if you’re still undecided, here are my recommendations.

If you’re looking for a fantastic trailer to match an existing cab, you can’t go wrong with the Wilson Livestock Trailer by AMC. 

AMC is a highly regarded leader in the modeling industry, and the livestock trailer is true to their high standards. I love the moving parts, accurate details, and the challenge involved.

For those searching for the ideal semi truck cab, go for Tyrone Malone’s Kenworth Racing Model.

With the option to build a drag racing big rig or reproduce the famous Super Boss, you control the finished appearance.

From the vintage look of the package to the classic cab style, this model will send you happily strolling down memory lane for years to come. 

Now, if you have the taste for an eye-catching conversation piece, get the UGears Heavy Boy.

With all wooden pieces, laser-cut precision, challenging assembly, amazing detail including sleeping section, and the ability to roll for up to 16 feet after a single wind of the rubber band, this is one model you really have to see to believe.

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