8 Best Paid 3D Print Files For Miniatures and Models

There are many different places to purchase 3D files for miniatures and models. There are even places that offer files for free.

However, these free options are nowhere near as common as the paid options that are available. There are nearly an endless amount of paid 3D files available, so below will discuss what the best-paid options are.

The best-paid 3D files for miniatures and models often come from websites that offer subscriptions. The subscriptions allow for a monthly payment that offers a certain amount of files to be downloaded per month. By being a part of a subscription, 3D printing is much more affordable.

Of course, some websites are inexpensive enough that a subscription is not necessary. By reading below, you will be able to discover what the 8 best paid 3D files for miniatures and models are.

1. Sketchfab

Number one on the list is Sketchfab. Sketchfab is an excellent resource for 3D files for miniatures and models. Customers love this website due to it being extremely cost-efficient. Sketchfab provides plans that allow you to download up to 500 files per month.

That will cover a lot of projects, (sometimes even more than you might need). This is by far the best website for paid 3D files for miniatures and models, especially if we’re judging by bulk.

Sketchfab has plans for individuals and companies. Below is a list of all of the different plans Sketchfab has for companies:

Premium plan:

  • This plan is for small businesses, companies, or studios. It is not meant for large businesses
  • 10,000 views per month
  • 200 files per month
  • $79 per month

Business plan:

  • This plan is meant for large businesses
  • 25,000 views per month
  • 500 files per month
  • $249 per month

Below is a list of all the different plans Sketchfab has for individuals:


  • Free!
  • One upload per month
  • Unlimited downloadable & store uploads
  • 50MB maximum file size


  • $7 per month
  • 10 uploads per month
  • 100MB maximum file size


  • $15 per month
  • 30 uploads per month
  • 200MB maximum file size
  • Private uploads

As you can see, Sketchfab provides wonderful plans for its customers. They try to not make their plans too expensive, and you can receive many files for the price. Although the prices vary, individual 3D files can be purchased from Sketchfab for around $30. This is much more expensive than purchasing a plan, where you can get 200-500 files for a flat monthly rate.

To learn more about Sketchfab and why you should make a subscription, take a look at their website: Sketchfab

2. 3D KitBash

Number two on the list is 3D KitBash. One of the biggest priorities for this company is to make its services as inexpensive as possible. They want everyone to be able to afford their 3D files, and they have done everything in their power to make that possible.

3DKitbash has files that cost less than $4. Although they do not have a subscription plan, their prices are so low that this is not needed. There are many files on this website, and they are all inexpensive. If you needed to order in bulk, this could add up, but otherwise, it’s a good, cheap option.

To learn more about 3D KitBash, head to their website: 3D KitBash

3. Gambody

Third on the list is Gambody. Unfortunately, Gambody does not have a subscription plan. However, they do have inexpensive files for models and miniatures. Their cheapest file is just $9.99. This is great compared to many other websites. Their most expensive file is $44.99, which is also an excellent price.

When purchasing from Gambody, you are sure to not be disappointed. They have many inexpensive files and you will be able to find what you are looking for.

For more information on Gambody, go to their website: Gambody

4. My Mini Factory

Number four on the list is My Mini Factory. At My Mini Factory, they offer excellent deals. They have a subscription plan that is very cost-efficient. Compared to other websites, My Mini Factory is one of the most inexpensive places to purchase 3D files.

After you have joined the plan, you will receive discounts on files as well as many other services. Hurry to join their subscription plan as you do not want to miss out!


  • $7.49 per month
  • 10% off all files
  • Discounts on 3D printing materials
  • Discounts on 3D printers
  • Download from the free STL library

To learn more about My Mini Factory, head to their website: My Mini Factory

5. Loot Studios

Fifth on the list is Loot Studios. Loot Studios has a wonderful welcome pack for all of those starting off with their website. They want to make their customers feel as though they care, so they offer a very inexpensive bundle.

Do not worry about breaking the bank with Loot Studios, as this bundle allows for 3D printing to be fun and cheap.


  • 24 miniature files
  • $15 per month
  • New bundle every month
  • You get to be a member of an exclusive community

To learn more about Loot Studios, take a look at their website: Loot Studios

7. Raging Heroes

Seventh on the list is Raging Heroes. You will not be disappointed with this website. It offers an exclusive club for just $10 per month! When you are a member of the exclusive club, you will get to have access to new miniatures monthly.

Once you take a look at their website, you will instantly want to become a member of their exclusive club. Their miniatures are out of this world, just as their pricing is.

To learn more about Raging Heroes, check out their website: Raging Heroes

8. Hum3D

Eighth on the list is Hum3D. Here, the average file costs between $85-$110. Although this may sound expensive, do not worry. Hum3D provides many ways to receive discounts on their files. They have many different subscriptions that you can become a part of to receive discounts on their services.


  • Unlimited time
  • Discount on services
  • 20% off on files
  • You save $125
  • Costs $500
  • Best for individuals


  • Unlimited time
  • Discount on services
  • 40% off on files
  • You save $3,000
  • Costs $4,500
  • Best for those dealing with large projects


  • Unlimited time
  • Discount on services
  • 30% off on files
  • You save $425
  • Costs $1,000
  • Best for businesses

To learn more about Hum3D, go to their website: Hum3D

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