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Hero Forge Review – Options & Customizing: Worth the Price?

If you are a big TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Games) fan or consumer of TTRPG-related media, then no doubt you’ve heard of Hero Forge. They’re hard to miss. Whether you’ve heard about Hero Forge through an episode of Critical Role, at an event like PAX, or someone in your party just got a shiny, …

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Warhammer 40k - Indomitus Figures

Miniature Painting Supplies

My Favorite Miniature Painting Gear Through my miniature painting journey, I’ve tried all kinds of paints, brushes, washes, set…you get the idea. I’ve also vowed to never buy some again. I’m here to spare you the pain. From one mini painter to another…here are the supplies and tools I recommend and what you’ll find on …

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A yet unassembled STEM kit with various shaped parts, wheels, and wires.


Many people are vaguely familiar with STEM toys, as the concept of incorporating several key subjects into single projects or toys has been around for nearly two decades.  However, STEAM and STREAM concepts are relatively new and haven’t caught on quite as quickly.  What’s the difference between STEM, STEAM, and STREAM kits? STEM kits are …

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