Miniature Painting Guide

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Charles R.
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I just started painting minis for my D&D games and this book has been SUPER helpful.
Randy Li
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Can't say enough about this book. Love the perspective and tips Rich shares. Thanks!
Sara T.
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Bought this for my boyfriend and I. We took up miniature painting as a hobby during covid...and now we're HOOKED!
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Bought as a gift for my g/f. She said it was exactly what she needed.
Drew Hart
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Wish I would have found this sooner...Great stuff here.

Topics I Cover In This 60+ eBook:

  • Where To Start  
  • What You Can Do To Immediately Improve As A Painter
  • Other Things You Can Do To Improve
  • What You Need To Buy
  • “I Have the Basics, What’s Next?”
  • Where To Buy Miniatures & Accessories
  • Whom You Should Follow
  • Should You Join A Patreon or Twitch?
  • Going From Beginner To Experienced
  • The gear I personally use and recommend
  • And a ton more!

Are you brand new to Miniature Painting? Maybe you’re like me and returning to it after a long break. 

Perhaps you’re just looking to speed up the learning curve and get better results. I wrote this book for you.

This eBook includes:

  • 3 simple things you can do that will make you a better painter instantly.
  • What tools are 100% necessary, which are nice to have, and what’s a waste.
  • A guide to continuously improve while having fun.
  • Most common mistakes made by new painters
  • A list of my favorite paints from all the different brands

I’ve also included my answers to these questions:

  • I’m TOTALLY NEW, where do I even start???
  • Where can I find good stuff? Minis, paints, brushes etc.
  • What skills should I be working on? What are the most important ones?: Base coats, paint consistency, brush control, highlighting, contrast, blending, glazing, dry brushing, washes, panel lining, OSL, NMM etc
  • Are there any advanced tools I can use as a beginner?: Airbrush, wet palette, magnifier, varnishes.
  • Who should I be following on YouTube?
  • Should I join a patreon? Which one?

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