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A fishing magnet, carabiner, and red rope resting on a wood surface.

You’ll find that magnet fishing kits generally come with a strong magnet, an eyebolt, a carabiner, threadlocker, gloves, and rope.

Some kits will include a grappling hook, and others will not. A grappling hook can certainly come in handy for large hauls, but it really isn’t a must-have. 

What’s more important is to consider the overall quality and the type and strength of the magnet.

  • One-sided magnets are ideal for tossing short distances or dropping straight down into the water.
  • Double-sided magnets are better suited for dragging along the water’s bottom and maneuvering through underwater vegetation as they don’t tend to snag easily.
  • For shallow and slow-moving water, magnets with a pull force of less than 1,000 pounds is adequate.
  • For deep and swift water, magnets with a pull force exceeding 1,000 pounds are recommended.

Magnet Fishing Kit – Best Overall

Brute Box Original Magnet Fishing Bundle

Brute Magnetics | 3600 lb Pull Force Magnet...
  • Everything you need to start magnet fishing: double-sided magnet with eyebolts, threadlocker, rope,...
  • Double-sided magnet has a combined pulling force of 3,600 pounds and a 5.31" diameter.

The Original Magnet Fishing Bundle is the best overall because it has the strongest double-sided magnet (3,600 pounds of pull force) and comes with the perfect accessories.

This kit has everything that you need to start fishing for coins, jewelry, and other treasures in both fast-moving and slow water. 

Magnet fishing kits aren’t just for recreation; they can help you retrieve lost items such as keys or tools!

The Original Magnet Fishing Bundle has received rave reviews for its value and convenience, and the strength and durability of its double-sided magnet is tough to beat. 

Double-sided magnets are more versatile and efficient, adding on another reason why I chose this magnet fishing kit as the best overall.

But while you’re having fun, it’s important to stay safe!

The Original Magnet Fishing Bundle comes with accessories to help guard against injuries and to pull up heavy objects from both shallow and deep water.

The double-sided magnets featured in these kits are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater, so there is no need to worry about rust or mineral deposits forming on the magnets.

This kit also includes the standard equipment used for magnet fishing.

When magnet fishing you never know what you may pull up from the depths, so you are provided with a pair of cut-resistant gloves that also guard against rope burn.

The kit also comes with threadlocker, a 65-foot double-braided rope with carabiner, and a custom foam insert for your magnet to keep it safe and secure. 

Combining the best value, power, and quality, the Original Magnet Fishing Bundle is perfect for those who want to make the most out of this fascinating outdoor hobby. 

Magnet Fishing Kits – Best Value 

Brute Box 880 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle

Brute Magnetics | 1000 lb Pull Force Magnet...
  • Everything you need to start magnet fishing: magnet with eyebolt, threadlocker, rope, carabiner,...
  • Single-sided magnet has 1,000 pounds of pulling force and a 3.54" diameter.

The Brute Box Magnet Fishing Bundle has the best value and includes all of the accessories you need to start magnet fishing.

Buyers love it for its quality and price point. 

The Brute Box Magnet Fishing Bundle is ideal for a beginner who would like to explore magnet fishing without investing too much cash.

However, the lower price does not necessarily equate to lower quality.

This kit features a powerful, high-quality 3.54-inch magnet that has a pull of over 800 pounds, along with the standard accessories needed to go magnet fishing. 

This magnet is also a top mount magnet, a design that is great for magnet fishing off of ocean piers, bridges, lake docks, and slower moving or stagnant water.

It is also a great item to take on a boat, making it a handy tool to have onboard in case someone drops their keys or tools into the water.

Customers who have bought this kit have expressed their amazement and satisfaction at how powerful the magnet is and praise it for its power, efficiency, and value. 

This kit is similar to the Original Magnet Fishing Bundle, the only difference being that the magnet has a pulling force of 880 pounds as opposed to 3,600 pounds.

This kit includes cut-resistant gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects, threadlocker, 65-foot double-braided rope with carabiner, and a custom foam insert, which can all be safely secured in a waterproof hardshell carrying case. 

If you would like to try a new and exciting hobby while getting the most bang for your buck, I recommend this kit. 

Magnet Fishing Kits With Double-Sided Magnet

Logui Complete Magnet Fishing Kit

Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit - 1000 LB Magnet...
  • ✅YOU’RE GOOD TO GO - So now grab your keys, wallet and cellphone and head out to enjoy an...
  • ✅ CHOOSE JUST THE RIGHT STRENGTH - Too much strength will leave you struggling to release your...

Double-sided magnets, double the fun! This fishing kit boasts a 1,000 pull force from two 500-pound fishing magnets and is priced very reasonably, making this an excellent find!

The Logui Complete Magnet Fishing kit features premium double-sided neodymium magnets so that you can collect twice the amount of treasures and is resistant to rust, unlike cheaper magnets that cannot handle being submerged in water regularly.

Double-sided magnets are the most universal magnets since you can attach the eyebolt to either side of the magnet, making it more versatile than top-mounted magnets.

They can also be used to fish in fast-moving water, such as streams or even rapids, as well as steep underwater inclines.

This kit features all the basic startup gear and an accessory that the other kits do not feature – a grappling hook.

The grappling hook can be useful for pulling up any object, magnetic or not. It can help retrieve heavy non-magnetic objects and is ideal if you simply need more pulling power.

This magnet fishing kit with grappling hook also features a 65-foot nylon rope, nonslip gloves, a locking carabiner, and an extra eyebolt. 

The Logui Complete Magnet Fishing kit’s double-sided magnet and grappling hook provide the tools you need to have a great day finding treasure and discovering a fun new hobby. 

Best Magnet Fishing Kit With Extra-Strong Magnet

Woodland Home 4,000 lb Double-Sided Magnet Kit 

4000LB Kit Deluxe Double Sided Fishing Magnet...
  • 【SUPERIOR STRENGTH】World's Strongest Double Sided Fishing Magnet Set! Magnet fishing kit is...
  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】Bright orange rubber designed to protect your magnet from chipping or cracking...

If you want to bring your magnet fishing to the next level, an extra-strong magnet can take you there.

With a pull of over 4,000 pounds, this kit can be ideal for removing metal waste from bodies of water or just for recreational purposes.

Those who have bought the Woodland Home Double-Sided Magnet kit are always extremely impressed at the power of this beautiful magnet. 

The Woodland Home Magnet Kit features heavy-duty equipment that can lift up to two TONS of magnetic material from a body of water.

This kit is ideal for waste removal on a large scale.

This kit comes with a 52-foot factory-rated rope with 2,000-pounds tensile strength and an M10 eyebolt that has over 4,000 pounds in strength capacity.

It also includes threadlocker, a locking washer, custom magnet fishing gloves, and a deluxe carrying case.

The Woodland Home Magnet Kit has dazzled customers with the quality and strength of the magnet.

The magnet itself measures 5.3 inches (135 millimeters) in diameter and has a bright orange rubber cover that protects it from rust and wear, in addition to being highly visible even in murky water. 

Since it is double-sided, it can be taken anywhere, from slow-moving deep waters to fast-paced rapids or waterfalls.

The design and power of this magnet make it ideal for bringing along on any outdoor adventures involving water.

This heavy-duty magnet fishing kit is a great way to take your magnet fishing game to the next level. 

Buying A Magnet Fishing Kit 

Before buying a magnet fishing kit, take some of these factors into consideration:

  • How do you plan to use it? Will it be for work or recreation?
  • How deep is the water that you are planning to fish in? 
  • How much pulling power will you need?

Related Questions:

Is Magnet Fishing Against the Law?

Laws regarding magnet fishing can vary depending on where you live, so it’s always best to check first with local authorities.

While the U.K. has various restrictions in place, in the U.S., all states allow magnet fishing except for South Carolina, but some areas may still be off-limits, and trespassing is never okay.

Will a Magnet Pick Up Gold? 

Magnets attract materials that are magnetic, such as iron. Metals such as gold, aluminum, and silver are not magnetic.

Pure gold and gold alloys can actually be repelled by magnets unless they contain impurities such as nickel.

Most objects that you’ll pull will most likely be iron, which is highly magnetic.

Some examples of what you can find with a magnet fishing kit include:

  • Antique weapons.
  • Bicycles.
  • Tools.
  • Fishing equipment.
  • Keys.
  • Coins.

Do I Need a Grappling Hook for Magnet Fishing?

Grappling hooks aren’t essential for magnet fishing, but they can definitely help haul in heavy objects.

The Logui Complete Magnet Fishing Kit comes with a grappling hook, so keep that in mind if you would like to buy a kit that already has a grappling hook..

If you prefer to purchase gear separately, you’ll find awesome recommendations and reviews for fishing magnets here and grappling hooks here.

Wrapping It Up

As you’ve seen, there are some great magnet kits out there for all types of magnet fishers, and any one of the options listed here is enough to get you started.

If you have hopes of hauling in really heavy hauls or just like being prepared for anything, the Original Magnet Fishing Bundle by Brute Magnetics is the way to go.

With 3,600 pounds of pulling power, you’ll never have to worry about catches slipping off the magnet as you drag them in.

The strong, thick rope and cushioned carry case are nice bonuses, and the superb customer service is a strong selling point.

For mere recreational magnet fishing and value for your money, the Brute Box 880 Lb Bundle will definitely get the job done.

While the magnet is less powerful than the Original kit, there’s still more than enough pulling force to haul in almost anything you find, and you’ll still get the handy carry case and all necessary startup gear – just at a lower price. 

No matter which magnet fishing kit you wind up choosing, the important thing to remember is to relax and have fun once you get started.

Chances are you’ll come across some pretty interesting finds, all while helping to clean up the environment. What a great hobby!

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